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After a certain age, our brain starts to reduce its volume by 5 percent per decade. When we reach 70 or 80, the decline is a dramatic one, and the risk of developing brain degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s increases by 50%. The brain is a major organ that is responsible for our normal bodily functions and movements. Its decline translates into reduced levels of independence and mobility, but also in a reduced capacity to form new memories or remember the ones we already have. During our lives, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle contribute to the progressive decline of our brain. There occurs a natural brain cell oxidation process, contributing furthermore to our brain’s decline. Below we have some pieces of advice that may help you slow down and prevent brain cell decline.

Food for Brain

You can keep away the damage you unknowingly do to your brain by integrating into your diet more antioxidants and omega3 oils, but also other nerve cell stimulating elements, as the experts at TrustedBody claim. It has been proven that a diet rich in such elements has the potential to slow down the natural oxidation process of the brain, reduce other brain damaging processes, such as inflammatory ones and maintain a healthy brain cell reproductive rate. Besides actual food, many rely on certain food supplements, FDA approved; these have an incredible potential in preventing a series of degenerative diseases, like Parkinson, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. These supplements are called phosphatidylserine and can be found in beef, soy and oysters. Plenty of older individuals take these are the first line of defence against impairment caused by brain cell degeneration. Other products that have been proven to help prevent memory loss and increase focus and concentration are nootropics. These are synthetic compounds with proven anti-ageing properties, which bring immense benefits in other brain-related conditions. They seem to also work in treating anxiety and depression and increase cognitive rates.

 Exercise for your Brain

An increased blood flow in the brain is proven to decrease the natural brain cell oxidation rates and provide sufficient oxygen to the brain. This means that the nutrients necessary for proper functions of the brain are successfully transported to it. A series of research papers have proven that aerobic exercises are the most successful in supplying all the necessary oxygen to the brain, for proper functioning parameters. Walking or cycling for 30 minutes a day seems to bring immense benefits when it comes to brain cell decline prevention. Paired with a proper nutrition and appropriate food supplements, many are successful in maintaining their brains young even at 80 years old.

Music Also Helps

When we listen to music, all areas of our brain are involved. Expert neurologists suggest that when we listen to music, a rare circumstance in which we use both our analytical and creative areas of the brain. So, if you want a happy, healthy brain, healthy heart, listen to music!

These pieces of advice will certainly slow down the natural brain cell decline process that happens after a certain age.

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