Is it Necessary to Disinfect Newborn Clothes?

The concern of many mothers is related to the disinfecting of the clothes their newborn babies are wearing. While some find it essential in maintaining a strict hygiene of the baby, others believe that it’s a way of keeping their immune system from developing strength against bacteria. In the following lines, we will try to clarify this issue and to determine which is the healthy limit that must be kept in disinfecting newborn clothes.

    • It’s very important to wash the new clothes very well before they get into contact with the newborn because their skin is extremely sensitive. Washing every piece of clothing, the blankets, the sheets, and everything that touches the soft skin of a newborn is not an exaggerated hygiene measure, but a certainty that the baby will be protected against dirt and bacteria. The best way of washing your newborn’s clothes is to use a special liquid detergent that leaves the clothes softer and less scented. You can wash them in your regular washing machine after disinfecting the unit with vinegar and baking soda.
    • Most moms prefer sanitizing the baby’s clothes, aside from washing them, because this way they feel more relaxed knowing that there are no bacteria on the newborn’s clothes. The most common way of disinfecting the clothes is to boil them or wash them at the highest temperatures in the washing machine. However, the easiest and most effective way is to iron them with a clothes steamer whose steam penetrates the fabric of the clothes. All you have to do is pass the clothes steamer over the newborn’s clothes and they will remain free of any bacteria and allergen that could endanger the baby’s health.
  • Although disinfecting the newborn clothes might seem an exaggerated precaution, we must agree that it’s an important safety means that guarantees the baby will not get into contact with allergens and bacteria during their fragile first months. Considering that the baby’s sensitive skin is just starting to get used to the environment they must live in, it’s best that you help them accommodate to a safe and healthy living. However, disinfecting the clothes too much and for a very long amount of time could make the baby even more sensitive as their skin will not get into contact with any type of impurity, which will cause excessive sensitivity. This is why we advise you that you only sanitize the newborn clothes during their first 6 months.