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While some homeowners develop regular carpet maintenance practices others simply choose to overlook this aspect, probably because they are not familiar with the effects a dirty carpet can have on the health of those people living in the house as well as on the interior aspect of the house itself.  Another possible reason is that some people believe that professional carpet cleaning services are only for luxurious homes, which represents a terrible mistake. This procedure not only ensures the cleanliness of the carpet, which improves the air quality inside, but also prevents the accumulation of pollutants affecting particularly dwellers with serious allergies. Even though you cannot spot them with the naked eye, carpets house from dirt and bacteria to allergens that can have a great negative impact on a person’s health. If the homeowner does not provide the required maintenance, dead skin cells, pet hair, dust mites, insect feces, dust particles and mold will settle in deep in the carpets’ fibers.

Health concerns associated with improperly maintained carpets

Obviously, this could lead to concerning health hazards including weak immune system, respiratory issues, skin irritations and gastro-intestinal infections. For this reason, homeowners should explore the best rated carpet cleaning companies and resort to their services at least once a year. Otherwise, those people residing inside the house will begin to bear the consequences. Although the immune systems has the job to protect the body from toxins and bacteria daily, being constantly exposed to an unhealthy environment will inevitably increase stress levels, thus affecting immunity. Consequently, the body becomes more susceptible to various medical conditions, one of them being stomach infection. Furthermore, all members of the family will inhale the mold deep-seated in carpets, resulting in flu-like symptoms and respiratory issues. The death of dust mites is not good news taking into consideration that their carcasses still cause inconveniences like rashes, nose and eye irritation or severe hazards like asthma attacks. Since you walk around in the house, you do not wear shoes, especially in the summer, which means that you could experience skin problems because of dirty carpets, including skin asthma and athlete’s foot.

Common diseases caused by dirt carpets and rugs

If these reasons do not convince you to renew your carpets as soon as possible by contacting a professional company, then keep reading to discover other health issues caused by neglected carpets. Even though you cannot see the hidden dangers lurking inside your carpets and rugs, they exist and they can cause severe diseases. For instance, Norwalk virus can survive multiple weeks leading to digestive issues and stomach flu. By stepping on the carpet, you actually help the virus rise up in the air. Because dust creates the optimal environment for this type of virus, homeowners should vacuum very often. A common bacterium that appears particularly in the winter can end up in your bloodstream causing abdominal pain, cramping, fever and bloody diarrhea. The same symptoms occur with Salmonella, which represents a great danger especially for children and elders.

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