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Facials are one those pampering beauty treatments that not only relax you, but also give you a confidence boost by improving skin condition and skin texture. Leaving the beauty salon with your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated is a great feeling, but, like it is the case with many other treatments, facials are only good for you when done with measure. As tempting as it may be to schedule weekly appointments, keep in mind that your skin has a natural regeneration cycle that lasts for 30 days and having facials more than once a month could disrupt this natural cycle, sensitizing your skin and causing issues such as rosacea. Beauty experts recommend women to get a facial once a month, but there are several exceptions to this rule, depending on the ingredients used in the facial, as well as your skin type and condition.

When should I have a facial more than once a month?

Women who have oily skin and are dealing with multiple forms of acne (blackheads, whiteheads, pimples) have clogged pores preventing the skin from breathing. In this case, the experts at White Sage SPA facials recommended starting with more than one facial per month, at least until the skin is rebalanced and acne lesions start to heal. If your beautician considers that more sessions of chemical peels or light therapy could improve your skin texture, then they might recommend more sessions. Another scenario that requires more than monthly facial is if you live in a heavily polluted area or if your job involves sitting in a dirty or dusty environment. In this case, the skin absorbs more toxins than normal, so it needs extra help to clean itself and remove impurities.

When should I have a facial less than once a month?

If you have extremely sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin, going to facials to often could sensitive your skin even more, leading to redness, burning or irritation. Also, if in addition to the facial you also exfoliate at home using ingredients such as AHAs and BHAs, you could go every two months or less, because there is no need to over exfoliate. Being under 25 means that your skin cells still have a high turnover rate and your skin regenerates normally. Unless you have acne or another skin condition that requires facials, going two or more months without having a facial will not do any harm.

All in all, facials are relaxing rituals that can help you achieve flawless skin and slow down the signs of aging. The ideal interval between facials is one month, but this interval can vary depending on your skin type or existing skin concerns. If you’re on a budget and can’t justify going to the salon every month, then schedule a facial at the beginning of each season to prep your skin for the change in weather. No matter your skin or budget needs, be sure to maintain a facial schedule. Have facials at regular intervals so you can “train” your skin into a healthy regeneration cycle. Don’t alternate between having facials every three weeks and then go months without seeing your beautician, because this will throw your skin off track.

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