You would be tempted to think that the life of a fashion designer is glamorous. Well, it is anything but prestigious. Many fight depression on a daily basis. They feel that nothing in the world can make them feel better and it is impossible for them to complete the very actions that they are supposed to do. The fashion designer that was behind the Kate Spade brand committed suicide earlier this year. As we can see, there is one major drawback to being a fashion designer.

The stress of being a fashion designer

More and more people working in the fashion industry are dealing with mental health problems. It is hard if not impossible for them to keep a healthy state of mind. Instead of fighting stress, those whose job is to design high-fashion clothing try to adapt to it, which is a huge mistake. Problems are not going to stop coming. On the contrary, they are going to become more and more complex.

What is so stressful anyway? Working in fashion is depressing to tell the truth. Designers use their creativity to bring to life works of art, yet they tend to use their creativity as a distraction for the things that are going on in their personal lives. It is a sort of escapism. It is not the fashion industry that is so disheartening, but the schedule. When it is necessary to prepare a new collection, fashion designers work all the time and they do not even take breaks. It is no wonder that they feel so miserable.

Is it possible to battle depression?

Now, more than ever, sociologists are studying the implications of depression. If you would like to discover the sociological aspects of depression, then you should better get your hands on some scientific studies. There is much effort to talk about a subject that has long been neglected. Not that many high-profile fashion designers have died by suicide, which is the reason why it is commonly believed that the matter does not deserve so much attention. Yes, but it does. It is possible for mental health issues to deepen.

Fighting depression is not the most impossible thing in the world. There is no denying the fact that dealing with constant mood swings is hard, but, if you want to, you can overcome mental illness. This is a lesson that all fashion designers need to learn. They need to understand that depression is a plague and that something needs to be done about it. Surprisingly, there are many success stories. Many fashion models have battled with depression and been successful, so it is possible. As far as treatment is concerned, the focus is on holistic therapy. Why? Because it is not possible to heal just one part of the whole.

Who knows what the future will bring for fashion designers? We just hope that they do not let the stress of daily living get to them. Those who create high-fashion clothing have changed our lives for the better and it would be a shame to see them struggle.