You may wonder why hospitals check candidates’ background before hiring them. They do it for safety reasons, they have to make sure that the persons they hire are true professionals and the patients will be safe when treated by them. Background checks before hiring are done no matter the domain, but when it comes to the healthcare industry, the search is done a little different than for other domains. There are used different approaches when conducting a background check, because the search focuses on the professional and educational records of the candidate. When hiring in the healthcare industry it is important the candidate be considered reliable, because the employers do not afford to miss a single hire. The majority of healthcare organisations have extensive employment screenings, and they take their time to check the background of the candidates. The persons hired in the healthcare institutions will be caring for patients who are not able to care for themselves, and they will make life-or-death decisions.

A background screen can show the criminal history of a medical professional

One of the best ways to ensure that they hire the right physician is to run their background check. Every year there are disciplined more than 4000 doctors for things like sexual misconduct, incompetence, or negligence, so it is important to check thoroughly their historic before hiring one. Medical boards do keep information on doctors, but not all the states have strict rules, and it is important to check the background of a doctor, especially if they worked abroad before applying for a new job. It is advisable to check both a county and a state criminal record of a doctor. There are websites that offer complete background search, in order to see if the doctor has convictions in another state.

You can check the education of a doctor

Healthcare industry is one of the few industries that cares about the education a nurse or doctor has. Every one of them should obtain a license and complete education in order to get a job. Educational requirements are different according to the field of work, but the education weighs as much as the experience in a doctor’s resume. To make sure that the doctor has graduated the medical schools they state they did, it is important to verify their education background.

It is important to run alias searches

When it comes to the healthcare domain it is quite difficult people to practice under false identities, because they have to deal with multiple licensing requirements, but it is not impossible to trick the system. Some healthcare organizations use alias checks in order to see if the candidate used an alternative name in the past. The same process is used when it comes to maiden names. A background check has the role to show if there are red flags associated with the experience of an applicant or employee. It is risky to hire a specialist who was disciplined by another state board. Everyone can easily find the records of a disciplinary sanction, because they can be searched with the help of a background check website.