Cosmetic Products that Could Pose a Risk to Your Health

Both women and men use a variety of beauty products without knowing the health risks that they come with. Although we use many of these cosmetic products on a day to day basis, some care products can do a lot of harm to out health. Antiperspirants, lipsticks, hair dye and even toothpaste can affect our health quite seriously. If you are curious to find out which are the main beauty products that can affect your health, read below.


Many women prefer using persistent lipstick before leaving the house, or on the way to work, in the car. Few really know that this product may contain lead that may be easily ingested. This is just an example of a dangerous cosmetic product that appeals to women who want to enhance their features.


Mascara contains all kinds of fragrances to neutralize the odors of the chemicals that it contains. These fragrances can cause headaches, asthma and breathing problems. Also, mascara contains harmful substances such as parabens. These compounds are harmful to your health, so it’s advisable to avoid using mascara on a day to day basis. If you want fuller and longer lashes you can opt instead for best selling eyelash growth serum. Consider opting for an lash growth serum that contains natural ingredients, to ensure that your lashes are healthy and to minimize lash breakage as well. According to online reviews and ratings, the best selling eyelash growth serum is Revitalash, an affordable lash serum that shows results in a couple of weeks and which doesn’t cause any side effects.

Permanent hair dye

Women who regularly use permanent hair dye (especially dark colors), can risk of getting sick from leukemia or other cancers. There are many chemicals contained in hair dyes, including ammonia. That’s why pregnant women are advised to give up this beauty ritual during pregnancy to not affect fetal development).

Keratin treatments

Keratin hair treatments can make your hair look silky and smooth almost immediately. Unfortunately, they also contain chemical compounds that can cause cancer after prolonged exposure of the body to it. So the more often you use such a product, the more prone you are to health problems – both you and your hair stylist, if you go to the salon.

Nail and cuticle products

All products contain phthalates, acetone and toluene that are powerful irritants for the skin, eyes, nose and respiratory tract. Besides experiencing these troubles, experts have classified these substances as extremely harmful to the body.

Expired beauty products

In general, foundation and lipstick expires in a year, body lotions in 2-3 years, makeup and powder in 2 years, 6 months for the and mascara in 3-4 months. It’s highly important to replace your cosmetics regularly, otherwise you might put your health at risk.