How often should I get a facial?

Facials are one those pampering beauty treatments that not only relax you, but also give you a confidence boost by improving skin condition and skin texture. Leaving the beauty salon with your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated is a great feeling, but, like it is the case with many other treatments, facials are only good for you when done with measure. As tempting as it may be to schedule weekly appointments, keep in mind that your skin has a natural regeneration cycle that lasts for 30 days and having facials more than once a month could disrupt this natural cycle, sensitizing your skin and causing issues such as rosacea. Beauty experts recommend women to get a facial once a month, but there are several exceptions to this rule, depending on the ingredients used in the facial, as well as your skin type and condition.

When should I have a facial more than once a month?

Women who have oily skin and are dealing with multiple forms of acne (blackheads, whiteheads, pimples) have clogged pores preventing the skin from breathing. In this case, the experts at White Sage SPA facials recommended starting with more than one facial per month, at least until the skin is rebalanced and acne lesions start to heal. If your beautician considers that more sessions of chemical peels or light therapy could improve your skin texture, then they might recommend more sessions. Another scenario that requires more than monthly facial is if you live in a heavily polluted area or if your job involves sitting in a dirty or dusty environment. In this case, the skin absorbs more toxins than normal, so it needs extra help to clean itself and remove impurities.

When should I have a facial less than once a month?

If you have extremely sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin, going to facials to often could sensitive your skin even more, leading to redness, burning or irritation. Also, if in addition to the facial you also exfoliate at home using ingredients such as AHAs and BHAs, you could go every two months or less, because there is no need to over exfoliate. Being under 25 means that your skin cells still have a high turnover rate and your skin regenerates normally. Unless you have acne or another skin condition that requires facials, going two or more months without having a facial will not do any harm.

All in all, facials are relaxing rituals that can help you achieve flawless skin and slow down the signs of aging. The ideal interval between facials is one month, but this interval can vary depending on your skin type or existing skin concerns. If you’re on a budget and can’t justify going to the salon every month, then schedule a facial at the beginning of each season to prep your skin for the change in weather. No matter your skin or budget needs, be sure to maintain a facial schedule. Have facials at regular intervals so you can “train” your skin into a healthy regeneration cycle. Don’t alternate between having facials every three weeks and then go months without seeing your beautician, because this will throw your skin off track.

Negative health effects associated with dirty carpets


While some homeowners develop regular carpet maintenance practices others simply choose to overlook this aspect, probably because they are not familiar with the effects a dirty carpet can have on the health of those people living in the house as well as on the interior aspect of the house itself.  Another possible reason is that some people believe that professional carpet cleaning services are only for luxurious homes, which represents a terrible mistake. This procedure not only ensures the cleanliness of the carpet, which improves the air quality inside, but also prevents the accumulation of pollutants affecting particularly dwellers with serious allergies. Even though you cannot spot them with the naked eye, carpets house from dirt and bacteria to allergens that can have a great negative impact on a person’s health. If the homeowner does not provide the required maintenance, dead skin cells, pet hair, dust mites, insect feces, dust particles and mold will settle in deep in the carpets’ fibers.

Health concerns associated with improperly maintained carpets

Obviously, this could lead to concerning health hazards including weak immune system, respiratory issues, skin irritations and gastro-intestinal infections. For this reason, homeowners should explore the best rated carpet cleaning companies and resort to their services at least once a year. Otherwise, those people residing inside the house will begin to bear the consequences. Although the immune systems has the job to protect the body from toxins and bacteria daily, being constantly exposed to an unhealthy environment will inevitably increase stress levels, thus affecting immunity. Consequently, the body becomes more susceptible to various medical conditions, one of them being stomach infection. Furthermore, all members of the family will inhale the mold deep-seated in carpets, resulting in flu-like symptoms and respiratory issues. The death of dust mites is not good news taking into consideration that their carcasses still cause inconveniences like rashes, nose and eye irritation or severe hazards like asthma attacks. Since you walk around in the house, you do not wear shoes, especially in the summer, which means that you could experience skin problems because of dirty carpets, including skin asthma and athlete’s foot.

Common diseases caused by dirt carpets and rugs

If these reasons do not convince you to renew your carpets as soon as possible by contacting a professional company, then keep reading to discover other health issues caused by neglected carpets. Even though you cannot see the hidden dangers lurking inside your carpets and rugs, they exist and they can cause severe diseases. For instance, Norwalk virus can survive multiple weeks leading to digestive issues and stomach flu. By stepping on the carpet, you actually help the virus rise up in the air. Because dust creates the optimal environment for this type of virus, homeowners should vacuum very often. A common bacterium that appears particularly in the winter can end up in your bloodstream causing abdominal pain, cramping, fever and bloody diarrhea. The same symptoms occur with Salmonella, which represents a great danger especially for children and elders.

At-home healthcare equipment and how to set up your personal care studio


Personal health is a matter of a high importance for all of us, but those with chronic affections and impairment issues of some degree certainly have to pay more attention to their health and maintaining that in normal parameters. In some cases, special aid equipment for at-home care is necessary. Also, in some cases, some dedicated pieces of fitness equipment for recovery and maintenance purposes are necessary. Luckily, everybody can design a personal health care “centre” by renting some cheap storage units Des Moines located and forgetting about expensive care and treatment centres. Below we have some pieces of advice on how to design a location like this for someone you love.

Rent a storage unit

This may not be the most traditional use for such establishments, but only think about it. It’s a controlled and safe environment, an empty space that can be filled with all the equipment needed, it’s quiet and you can be always sure that your equipment will always be safe and away from the curious eye, not to mention from those with not-so-good intentions. The climate control function will help you to keep your equipment in perfect form, while the privacy offered by these spaces will be just the thing you need. Also, you won’t have to crap the equipment in discussion in your home and spoil the design that you created for it. This is by far the best option that you have. However, make sure to search for a unit in your proximity. This will set you up for a professional care regimen, while cutting the expenses of doing so.

Rent, don’t buy the equipment

You want to make sure that you have all the needed equipment at your disposal and that you don’t end up spending a fortune on it. Unless you need it for the rest of your life, it would be best to consider renting it. This way you will have access to some of the most intriguing and high-performing devices, while keeping your expenses at bay. You can even rent exercising equipment for recovery and maintenance, and you can opt for a personal trainer whom you can invite over. On the long run, this is a more affordable option than an expensive adult care facility.

What type of equipment do I need?

 Depending on your affections and the severity of those, you want to discuss your options with professional medical staff. They will also be able to make pertinent recommendations when it comes to brands and might even suggest some ways in which you can substitute some expensive equipment with more affordable options. However, discussing with a professional in your case is always preferable.

These are some things you must take into account when you consider creating your private adult-care “facility”. There are so many options nowadays, it would be a shame not to consider this option. However, make sure to discuss this with a medical professional and see what their opinion in as well.

Fibromyalgia disorder - what can you do about it?


From muscular pain to a constant state of fatigue and bad mood, fibromyalgia can be an extreme unpleased disorder to deal with, which might be causing you inconveniences in your daily life, starting from your performance at work and up to your interpersonal relationships. Once you discover that this condition is something you are dealing with, seeking solutions if of course necessary. What can you exactly do about your disorder, without putting your health to risk? Reading the following information will come in handy, so try to analyze your options with care:

Give alternative treatments some thought

The first thing you should do is research alternative treatment options. There are plenty of natural remedies, you will soon discover, which have the role of reducing symptoms or even combating them entirely. Plants that can increase relaxation and improve mood, yoga therapy, and even meditation and acupuncture can contribute to your overall well-being. Give every natural remedy a try and you will notice a rapid and effective evolution.

Consider undergoing a few lifestyle changes

Besides trying out a few natural remedies and alternative treatment options, making some changes in your lifestyle will also be required. Because tour dietary choice can somehow influence the state of your disorder, start by choosing healthier foods to incorporate in your meals. Do some reassert on the best foods to eat in your situations. Usually, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as omega 3 fats and protein is what you should focus on. In order for your lifestyle to truly follow a healthy path, becoming more physically active could also be demanded, so if you were not that fond of workouts until know, perhaps it’s time to start takin exercising more seriously, and do at least a 30 minute workout daily.

Prescription drugs are not the answer

One last thing you need to understand is that prescription drugs are not the answer as you might believe, only if nothing else proves you work, which is less likely, considering how effective natural remedies can actually be. Once you start reading about the side effects prescription drugs can cause, you will think twice about actually taking them. There are many risks involved, and as long as you can keep the symptoms under control naturally, it is recommended to not resort to this alternative. Discuss with other patients in your situation and they will be able to tell you the same.

As you can see, there are a few relevant details that need your consideration when you have been diagnosed with the fibromyalgia disorder. This condition is known for its unpleasant repercussions, and how it can negatively affect your life, so if you want to alleviate symptoms and no longer let the disorder control your life even further, take action immediately, and leave prescription drugs as your last resort. With the right alternative treatments and lifestyle changes, the improvements noticed will certainly impress you, so take into account the advice stated and see how things develop.

What to do if you have injuries arising from negligent security


Businesses take measures to ensure the protection of visitors and guests. The last thing that you would expect is to have an accident or suffer an injury when visiting the premises. Unfortunately, things like that can happen. You go, say, to a children’s entertainment park and your vehicle incurs serious damage in the parking lot. Or you get robbed. Inadequate security, because this is what it is, can lead to physical and emotional injury in many ways. The property owner is the one responsible for your safety and security. So, if you have been injured and you suspect negligent security, you can claim compensation. Continue reading to learn more about your rights.

When you can sue for negligent security  

So, you’ve been injured on someone else’s property. Despite the fact that there was security in place, you were still hurt. You’ve broken a bone as the result of an assault. You’re scared of falling again, not to mention that your future isn’t looking good. After you seek the necessary medical care, get in touch with a negligent security lawyer. You may be able to recover financial compensation for your losses arising from negligence.  The business that sold you the service has a duty to ensure your protection from reasonably known dangers. The business owner should have known that crime I happening in the area and should have warned visitors. If you can prove that the company failed to exercise reasonable care with regard to the unsafe conditions on the property, you can take the matter to court.

Taking legal action for injuries arising from negligent security

You’ll be happy to know that taking legal action isn’t difficult at all. After you’ve contacted an experienced personal injury lawyer, you must gather evidence. Basically, you need to prove that there were no security measures in place, in spite of the fact that the neighborhood was high-crime. If possible, you should get your hands on surveillance footage, property maintenance records, and witness testimonies. But why should you go after the business and not the person who attacked you? Because the individual isn’t sound from a financial standpoint. No matter what you do, make sure that you have the right lawyer to fight your case.

Recovering the money lost from negligent security

If you hadn’t been injured, then you wouldn’t have lost so much money. In a civil court case, compensatory damages are normally awarded so as to compensate the plaintiff for loss. They are practically a reimbursement. The types of damages that you can pursue depend on your situation. Losses that are commonly sought include, but are not limited to loss of income, pain and suffering, medical costs, and cost of future supervision. The negligent security lawyer is the one who can help you secure losses. The thing that you need to understand is that personal injury lawyers have years of experience dealing with such matters. To get the compensation that you deserve, do what the lawyer tells you to do. 

How Crossfit Can Help You Gain More Control Over Your Body

Wouldn’t you like to shed all that unpleasant extra fat from your body? Wouldn’t you want to build some lean muscles and sculpt the body of your dreams? Or perhaps you would want to be more flexible and push your body to new limits? Or course, you would and you have probably tried and failed many times, because for most of us, the body seems to be an independent entity that does whatever it wants. We keep a diet and workout in order to get rid of the gut and we end up losing the breasts and the bottom. We keep high protein diets and engage in weight training programs to build muscle and we end up gaining weight. It seems that no matter what we do, we can’t seem to gain control of our body. Well, if you are willing to try something new, Crossfit can help you gain control of all aspects of your body.

Build natural looking muscles

Have you ever noticed the difference between people who work out at conventional gyms and people who have physical jobs. The former ones look like bulky Ken dolls while the latter ones look fit and well proportionate. The truth is that conventional gym equipment works the body in unnatural ways, which indeed cause an unnatural muscle proportion. However, Crossfit workouts use natural movements in order to help attendees build natural looking muscles. Moreover, these workouts won’t only make you look stronger, but they will help you gain actual strength that can help you in your everyday life.

Shed those extra layers of fat

All the exercises included in the Crossfit workouts are meant to be performed at high intensity. Due to this high intensity, your body will be forced to use a lot of the energy stored in the fat cells. High intensity workouts are way more efficient than conventional cardio exercises, because you are not just performing random rhythmic motions to burn fat. Your are building muscles and toning your overall body, while also shedding fat. Moreover, you don’t have to go through a lot of trouble to find a Crossfit gym, as there are countless gyms scattered over the world, and you can find their locations online. So, if for example you happen to live in New York, do a Google search for the nearest Crossfit New York gym and you will definitely find something near you.

Improve your flexibility and coordination

Being healthy is not just about being thin and building lean muscles. You can look very fit and healthy and still suffer from back pains or be unable to sit in certain positions. If you truly want to gain full control over your body, you also have to work on improving your flexibility. And no, you don’t have to subscribe to yoga classes for this. You see, aside from cardio and strength training, Crossfit also integrates some awesome acrobatic exercises meant to improve your flexibility and your coordination.

Health issues that often times remain untreated


Although many think about health issues as organ-related conditions, there are many other conditions that don’t fall particularly under that description. For instance, mental issues, although they are strongly related to a chemical misbalance, they are often times stigmatised and remain untreated. This leads to further complications and debilitating behaviour from the patient, and leads to destructive patterns in their actions and decisions. For instance, sex and pornography addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, depression and anxiety are all strongly related, have a medical explanation, are treatable, but yet, the number of individuals which is confronted with such issues is on the rise. By seeking professional help, many might be able to live a normal life and function as normal individuals. But below we have a short list of conditions that oftentimes remain untreated.

1. Sex and pornography addiction

Usually, this condition can be easily resolved by seeking the help of a counsellor, like the counsellors in Canterbury. This condition is more often amongst individuals with bipolar disorder. Also, victims of childhood sexual abuse engage more often into risky and compulsory sex activities. Thus, this is an issue that obviously needs specialised treatment and counselling approaches. Although this is a fact which shouldn’t be neglected, many still treat this issue as a bad behaviour, forgetting about the triggers and the underlying issues. Individuals suffering from sex addiction involved in a relationship are oftentimes blamed for the behaviour by the partner. But in many cases, the partner plays a great role in the condition’s development and the patient’s inability to recover. Therefore, when seeking specialised help from a counsellor, it is advisable for both partners to attend the sessions.

2. Substance abuse

Substance abuse is a type of self-destructive behaviour displayed by a vast number of individuals, and it is oftentimes the manifestation of other underlying and untreated mental conditions. Many individuals that exhibit such behaviour adopt it in order to cope with depression and anxiety, aspect neglected oftentimes by other family members and friends. But this is yet another issue that can be treated with the help of professional counsellors, like those at the Canterbury Healthcare Centre. These individuals often times need guidance and support from their family and friends, in order to succeed in therapy. This is why specialists oftentimes advise family members and other parties to attend the counselling sessions together with the patient. Apart from therapy, substance abusers must attend rehab. This is mandatory for a complete and healthy recovery. Individuals attending both counselling sessions and rehab have higher chances of never relapsing into the same patterns.

These are two of the most ignored conditions of our modern age. Although people still stigmatise these issues, it is mandatory to become completely aware of the high rates at which they are present in our society. Ignoring such conditions will only worsen the quality of life of numerous individuals, and the strength of a nation. Healthy citizens mean a healthy society and we should seek to improve the life of those with such severe conditions.   


Relevant aspects to know and understand about health screening

Keeping your health under control at all times is certainly the recommended thing to do. However, many people fail to understand the importance of regular health screenings. Undergoing tests to make sure everything is under control, in terms of health, can prevent you from later dealing with unpleasant complications. When it comes to health screenings, there are various companies on the market that offer amazing packages, one example being so you can easily find yourself an affordable and convenient option. Learning a few details on the topic can come in handy when you least expect it, so to find out more just keep reading:

Spotting conditions before they develop complications

The number one reason why opting for a screening is always a good idea is to manage spotting any condition that is usually rather difficult to notice until it becomes more serious. One example is polyps, which if not noticed and removed on time, can eventually turn into cancer. Polyps are more common than you would like to believe, and these growths have no noticeable symptoms on an early stage. A screening can detect the problem and allow you to seek solution before the condition aggravates itself. This is one a few of the many health problems that can be solved if detected on time, and through a health screening, you will have this possibility.

More treatment options

Even if you might feel perfectly healthy, sometimes it takes some time until you are able to figure out you are dealing with a disease. Regardless of what disease or condition it is, the earlier you detect the problem, the more options you will have in terms of treatments. This is usually the case with cancer. A patient that is suffering from cancer will have many more treatment possibilities on an early stage, and the outcomes will also be more positive ones. 

Choosing a screening package

Besides being aware of the importance of these tests, knowing how to choose the right package is also necessary. While some companies fail to cover all conditions, especially those that are more difficult to track, others provide extensive health reports, so you should always choose a clinic that includes more tests in their offers. If you are worried you cannot afford a thorough screening, you should know that there are reliable companies, such as Bluecrest Health Screening, that charge reasonable fees, you just need to search for the right option. Also, make sure the company is characterised by professionalism, reliability and most of all service quality, before booking your consultation, so you can be certain you are spending your money on the right screening package.   

Even if you think your health is better than ever, undergoing regular health tests is recommended, considering there are many conditions that do now show any signs in early stages. Because prevention is always better than needing treatment, it is best to keep your health under supervision by regularly visiting your healthcare providers. So, now that you know more on the topic, perhaps you will start searching for a clinic and book your health tests.

Get back to netball after an injury

If you like to play netball, and you get physically injured, then this can be a nightmare. You do not have to be an athlete to be stressed out if you get inured, because if you are an active person this will change your entire schedule. If you experience an injury, then you will have to sit off, of the netball games for a period and you will end up feeling defeated. However, even if it may not seem this way, you should know that the challenges you would have to face while you recover will help you get better for the following London netball Leagues. You only have to follow some tips if you want to return on the court mentally and physically strong.

Get the right diagnosis

When you consider that something is not right, you should see a doctor, because you may not be able to make the difference between suffering an injury and being hurt. The majority of people prefer to man up, and to ignore that they are hurt. But if the pain you feel does not go away and it gets worse, then you can be sure that you are injured and you should see a doctor. If you experience pain then you can be sure that something is not right.

You should understand what happened

You have to try to remember how you get injured, because in this way you will help your doctor create a plan to help you recover. If you know exactly what happened on the court offered by Netbusters, you can use this as the key to design your rehab plan and to avoid a similar injury. Also, this will help you mentally, because getting injured has a negative impact on people’s confidence.

Seek supervision

When you get injured, you should see a doctor, because you should follow the program designed by a professional in rehabilitation. You should work with a personal trainer or a physical therapist to help you correct your muscle imbalances and bad movement patterns, because this is the only way to prevent further injuries.

Your body needs fuel

For a fast recovery, you have to make sure that you offer your body adequate hydration and a nutrient-packed diet. Therefore, you should ask your doctor if you should add to your diet a supplement as MSM or glutamine, because they are effective in rebuilding your joints. You should not consume any aliments that include white flour and sugar, and you should not drink alcohol.

Stick to the plan

When you start a rehab plan, you should not have the misconception that it should work from the first week. You will need a couple of weeks to get back to your normal routine, and to play netball again. So you should strictly follow the rehab plan if you want to be strong when you are back on the game. You should focus on flexibility, core and stabilization exercises when you finish the rehab program. Also, you can use a foam roller to warm up your injured muscles, if you want to prevent getting hurt again.

Stretch marks – you cannot make them disappear but you can prevent them


Stretch marks represent a major inconvenience for any woman around the world because it destroys her confidence and her self-esteem. There are various reasons that cause the appearance of stretch marks and apparently no solutions to get rid of them. Whether you just gained or lost a few pounds rapidly, you gave birth to a child or you are going through puberty, your skin suffers a drastic alteration but you should not associate this symptom with a health issue. You can only see the ugly result, but do you know how stretch marks are formed? Practically, the layer of skin in the respective area changes its texture and this becomes visible when several purple or red lines appear on your body. Fortunately, they only have a negative effect on your appearance and not on your physical condition. Of course, this detail does not stop you to eliminate them from your life. Therefore, if you are eager to discover how to stop stretch marks and maintain the beauty of your skin, keep reading this article.

Prevention avoids lamentation

You can try various methods to minimize their appearance, but the sad truth is that you cannot make them disappear completely. Some of the few remedies that promise to help you with this problem and make stretch marks less visible are natural treatments like sugar, lemon juice, aloe vera, coconut oil and vitamin A or professional treatments like microdermabrasion and laser therapy. However, we all agree that it is better to prevent than to lament, especially if we think about the expenses that a professional treatment involves. For this reason, prevention represents the best solution for a problematic and visually unappealing skin.

During pregnancy

If you want to protect your body against stretch marks during pregnancy, you must pay equal attention to the alimentation and skincare. First, you have to consume foods that contain certain vitamins because it can prevent major damage on your skin tissue. Water also represents an important factor that has the power to provide strength and rejuvenate your skin. Secondly, you must hydrate and moisturize your skin permanently with high-quality products, such as gels and creams for day and night. For instance, Secret Saviors can help you obtain amazing results without having to resort to doctors and other scientists. We are all aware that it has become difficult to find a product that actually offers satisfying results considering the variety of disappointing options on the market, but if you take your time and explore, you can definitely find a solution.

Exercising is important

We cannot deny the positive effects of exercise not only on the body, but also on the mind. Considering the fact that increases the level of energy, improves your sleep, your mood and your overall appearance, you probably are not surprised to discover that frequent exercise can help you prevent stretch marks. The reason is more than simple. Due to a circulation improvement, it ensures skin elasticity, which is essential against the appearance of stretch marks. Therefore, regular exercise must become your best ally that will help you win the battle against stretch marks.


Dental implants explained: procedure, recovery and things to consider

Dental medicine has evolved a lot in the past few years and treatments that were once considered too good to be true have now become mainstream. Thanks to preventive care, awareness campaigns, innovative oral hygiene products and the rise of minimally invasive procedures, the average person can maintain a beautiful smile without much money or pain. However, there are cases when tooth loss cannot be stopped. Sometimes, it occurs because of advanced tooth decay or gum disease; other times, it is caused by an injury. No matter the reason why a tooth might fall off, dental implants are a modern solution to this problem and an excellent alternative to bridges and dentures.

The benefits of dental implants are clear; when done by a professional dentist, they integrate seamlessly in the oral cavity and have a natural appearance. Compared to bridges and dentures, they feel much more comfortable, last for years and don’t need to be removed every night. And yet, despite all these benefits, some people still avoid dental implants, usually because they imagine the procedure to be risky and complicated.  However, this belief is based on myths, not facts. In reality, dental implants are an effective procedure with a high success rate and the simplest way to deal with tooth loss out of all options available today.

Dental implant procedure – how does it work?

Before anything else, it’s important to mention that dental implants have a 98% success rate. Complications are very rare and, provided that they are properly cared for, implants will last for a lifetime. The procedure is quite straight-forward and always involves a customised treatment plan:

  • Before surgery, a prosthodontist or a general dentist at Birchgrove Dental will make a model of your oral cavity, in order to establish the exact shape and size of your needed tooth. Moreover, they will take X-rays to see if you have enough bone to sustain the implant.
  • Implant placement. In this part of the procedure, only the titanium metal implant will be placed in the jaw, so that your gums have time to heal. This step is generally pain-free and your doctor might also place a temporary crown there until the next step.
  • Permanent crown placement. After the gum and bone have healed, the specialist will move on to the final step, which is permanent crown placement. This is usually done about five months after the implant placement, but, if you have had bone grafting done, then you could wait for nine months or more.

Recovery time after dental implant surgery

Dental implant surgery has a high success rate and, when done by a professional oral surgeon who uses state of the art equipment, you can expect a low risk of complications. However, dental implants are a surgical procedure, so you should expect some downtime and physical discomfort before you can get back to your normal life. Here are some things you should know about recovery:

  • Immediately after surgery, your gums and face will be swollen
  • Bruising can also appear around the affected area
  • Soreness around the implant
  • Slight bleeding

These signs are most uncomfortable in the days after the surgery and you should start feeling better in a couple of days. If swelling, pain or bleeding don’t go down or get worse, you should come back to your dentists for a painkiller or antibiotics prescription.

Nowadays, surgeons use dissolvable stiches, so you don’t have to come back to have them removed, but you might still be called in for a check-up to see how the implant is healing.

To air recovery and prevent injuries, you are advised to eat only soft, liquid foods for a while, such as soup, smoothies or mashed potatoes.

Things to consider about dental implants

As advanced as dental implants might be, some unhealthy habits can lead to complications. For example, if you smoke in weeks following surgery, which are critical for healthy recovery, there is a chance of the crown to fail to fuse with the implant. In other words, the implant will fail. So, if you are a smoker, it’s best that you quit, at least for the months required for recovery.

Another thing to consider is that dental implants require as much attention and care as your natural teeth. On the contrary, you have to maintain an excellent oral hygiene, brush your teeth twice a day, use mouthwash and floss. This last step is very important, because you want to prevent food remains around the implant. In addition to floss, you should also invest in an interdental brush to prevent plaque.

Many people who are weighing the pros and cons of dental implants are particularly concerned about their durability and, more importantly, their financial benefits. After all, having a dental implant is more expensive than other tooth replacement options, so they want to know if the investment is worth it. The answer is yes. Not only are dental implants natural looking, but they also last more. Whereas dentures slip and cause bone loss in the long run, dental implants integrate seamlessly in your oral cavity and in time you will even forget that they are not natural. Also, even they are more expensive, they do not need replacement, so in the long run you aren’t paying more than on dentures and bridges.

Last, but not least, dental implants benefit your oral health thanks to the way they “trick” your jaw into thinking you have an actual tooth there. Other tooth replacement options only provide a surface solution, they do not replace the missing root. As a result, the bone around the affected area will start losing mass and density. But, in the case of dental implants, the titanium implant acts just like a root, so tissue still grows and regenerates around it. This means that the jawbone will not deteriorate in time, thus preventing further oral health issues.

Needless to say, all the benefits of dental implants only apply if done by a professional oral surgeon, so make sure you choose a top rated dental clinic.

Wearing bras after breast augmentation – experts’ advice


Women who don’t have good level of self-esteem and want to boost their self-confidence decide to change something about their aspect and the way their bodies look like. Some choose to completely change their wardrobe, some to go to the gym, some to have a 180-degree hairstyle change and some to make some adjustments to their own bodies. Centre for Surgery for instance was a popular choice for many women interested in undergoing breast augmentation plastic surgery London. Many cosmetic surgeons, such as Luciano Perrone, have some great pieces of advice related to wearing bras post-surgery that every woman needs to know.

Yes, it is recommended to wear bras post-surgery

Many women who undergo breast augmentation wonder whether or not it is recommended to wear bras. Well, according to specialists such as Omar Tillo, the answer is definitely “yes”. The new implants weight much more now, after the surgery, and they need extra support. The breast tissue becomes much stronger, so wearing a bra is considered a must, especially during the first six weeks following the surgery.

Choose the right bra size

Don’t rush into wearing your old bras after you underwent breast augmentation, not only because they won’t fit your size anymore, but also because you risk putting your health at risk. Also, don’t try to guess what your new bra size is, because you may fail. It is strongly recommended you change all your bras with other ones with bigger size, but it is also advisable that you get your breast sized before walking into a clothing store and buying some new bras. Try them on too to get even a clearer idea.

Swelling is normal

In many cases, women who have had their breast augmented experience swelling and this can affect the size of the breasts. For this reason, Luciano Perrone and many other cosmetic surgeons recommend women to choose bras that are at least one cup size larger than the expected size. This way it will be easier for them to cope with postoperative swelling. Over time, as the swelling starts to subside, you may adjust to smaller cup sizes.

Underwire and push-up bras are to be avoided

For the first one or two months following the surgery, women should not wear underwire bras, but should opt for surgical or sports ones. It is worth mentioning that underwire bras tend to be tighter compared to the other two types mentioned earlier, which is why it must be avoided for a while. The same goes for push-up bras. Your breast needs to feel secure and relaxed, especially during the recovery period. Push-up bras tend to displace the breast tissue, thus leading to having the implants removed, placing stress on the incisions and putting your health at risk. You can wear sexier bras after the healing process is over.

Breast augmentation is one popular cosmetic surgery procedure many women nowadays have resorted to and one of the main reasons is that it offers them higher level of confidence in themselves. Knowing what to do and what not to do after surgery is something crucial for your health, so do consider this expert advice.  

Essentials details to know about chiropractic adjustments


Chiropractic is a widely popular practice that treats a wide range of conditions. The number of people who have underwent this form of treatment is growing bigger every day, and if you have been giving this topic some thought, learning more about it will probably come in handy. There are many chiropractors in Colorado Springs who offer excellent services, and help you overcome a wide range of unpleasant conditions that might be affecting your quality of life. The following details are the most important ones for you to learn on the topic:

Amazing benefits

The reason why chiropractic has caught the interest of so many patients is the wide range of benefits this practice offers. Eliminating headaches, combating joint and arthritis pain, improving blood pressure and contributing to surgery prevention are only a few of the many advantages chiropractic can offer patients. The principle of this type of adjustments is a path to a natural form of healing. Being able to fight against chronic headaches, or arthritis problems, for example, is no longer a difficult and challenging process.

Correcting problems without medication or surgery

One thing that makes this type of adjustments so advantageous in particular is that it provides the desired results without the need of drug intake or surgery. Being able to treat a condition that has been causing you pain or discomfort, without needing to resort to medications or even surgery is certainly a more than appealing prospect. A large variety of techniques are being used by chiropractors to analyze, locate and correct misalignments in the spine, and not a single one of them includes invasive surgery or pharmaceutical products.

How to choose a chiropractor

If this type of practice has caught your attention, and you are thinking about getting a treatment plan yourself, the key to obtaining the results you desire lies in the hands of the specialist you choose. Although chiropractic does offer excellent improvements for a wide range of problems, in order to obtain them, you will need to be treated by the right professional. Considering how many clinics are out there, this choice needs to be made with attention. Look for someone who has good referrals, has built themselves a good reputation in the industry, and can provide you with the treatment explanations you need. Researching the topic carefully before resorting to an expert or another will be necessary, so make sure you inform yourself about a few relevant aspects before choosing a clinic.

Chiropractic has become quite a popular practice, providing patients with effective treatments, and allowing those who deal with chronic pain to live a normal and comfortable life. Now that you know what chiropractic has to offer and how to find yourself an experienced and reliable chiropractor, if you are in need of a treatment, you will know exactly what to expect and whom to choose. Learning about the benefits of this practice might determine you to give it a try for yourself – you will most certainly end up surprised with the amazing results obtained.

3 reasons to get chiropractic treatment after a car accident

Colorado Springs sees hundreds of car accidents each year. In fact, collisions are so common that they are considered normal, even though they clearly are not. What do you do if you have a car crash? This is a difficult question. In the unfortunate event of a car accident, you need to seek a chiropractor. Seeking immediate medical care will spare you years of pain and thousands of dollars on medical bills. After a collision, you should always seek chiropractic treatment. The treatment options that health care professionals can offer will significantly improve your condition. In what follows, we will offer you 3 good reasons why you should get chiropractic care after a car accident.

Injuries from car accidents are not always obvious

While some injuries, like broken bones, are easy to identify, others are not. Take whiplash as an example. You do not feel the symptoms immediately. You feel perfectly fine even 48 hours after the car crash takes place. When you are involved in a car accident, the body reacts with methods that help to keep you alive. Your body releases adrenaline to help fight danger. Since you are in a state of excitement, you will only feel a dull ache. The real pain will reveal itself when the body calms down. Only then you know that something is not right. It goes without saying that you need to see a Colorado Springs chiropractor. A specialist is able to find hidden injuries and they use the latest techniques to help you get on the path to recovery.

Chiropractic treatment is non-invasive

Chiropractic treatment is anything but invasive. A chiropractor uses the manual approach when it comes to treating back pain, headaches or dizziness. What the health care professional offers is a drug-free approach to patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment. If you are involved in a collision, avoid surgery because it will only prolong your recovery period. You should better seek chiropractic treatment. It provides immediate relief for your conditions, so you will make a speedy recovery. The sooner you see a chiropractor, the quicker you heal.

It helps your personal injury claim

If the collision resulted in major injury, you can claim for damages with a Colorado Springs insurance company. However, you have to prove the link between your injuries and the car accident. Getting chiropractic treatment can help you with the claim. It is important to keep hold of the medical and therapeutic bills. Receiving chiropractic treatment does not automatically mean that it was necessary. This is the reason why the health care professional’s records of your visits regarding the injuries are important. When things are clearly laid down in writing, you can easily prove reasonably necessary medical expenses. If you want to improve your chances of making a successful claim, see a chiropractor.

As you can see, receiving chiropractic treatment after a car crash has many benefits. A chiropractor is able to tell you if you have hidden injuries and help you improve in health. Let us not forget about your personal injury claim. Reach out to a chiropractor for a consult now.

Can you sue a nursing home for abuse?

Millions of nursing home residents are subjected to physical, emotional, and financial abuse. Instead of providing a positive environment and a helpful experience, nursing homes do the exact opposite. 1 in 3 long-term care facilities are cited each year for violations that have caused actual harm and injury. Unfortunately, this disturbing situation is not expected to change any time soon. Nursing home abuse is illegal and it should be stopped. A long-term care facility can be held responsible for causing pain to residents as a result of their own negligence. If your parent has suffered abuse at the hands of their caretaker, you have a personal injury claim. Get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer at You have the right to hold the long-term care facility accountable.

Behavior that can lead to a civil lawsuit

Nursing home abuse can occur in many types of situations. Examples include:

  • physical abuse (unexplained bruises and cuts, broken bones)
  • failure to bathe residents
  • verbal abuse
  • isolation from other residents
  • failure to overlook residents
  • using residents for sexual gratification
  • forging signatures
  • torn body clothing
  • financial exploitation

Elder abuse can take many other forms. We have listed the most common types of abuse of the elderly. Abuse can occur anywhere.

Who is legally liable for elder abuse?

When abuse takes place in the nursing home setting, the long-term care facility is the one that is held legally responsible. Simply put, you file a personal injury lawsuit against the nursing home. To sue for negligence, you have to prove that the long-term care facility directly lead to your relative’s injury. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the nursing home is not always responsible. Let us say that your parent suffered a bone fracture after having fallen from a wheelchair. You assume that the care facility staff is to blame, but in reality, the wheelchair manufacturer is at fault.

Suing for nursing home abuse

Proving damages in a nursing home abuse case is far from being easy. What you have to do is prove that the nursing home deviated from standard care and treatment. In other words, you have to show that the long-term care facility has been negligent. For the court to award damages, you need to present documentation like your parent’s diary, photos of bruises and other injuries, and notes of personal observations. The best thing you can do is talk to a personal injury lawyer. Why? Because liability is difficult to prove in nursing home abuse cases. A personal injury lawyer takes care of the investigation and protects the interests of your loved one. A legal practitioner will represent you in the case against the care facility and will not charge you any feed until ta settlement is stroke. If a family member was subjected to physical, emotional or financial abuse, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible. If you do not meet the deadline, you risk losing the claim. Keep in mind that you have 2 years to file the lawsuit.


Weighting the benefits of utilizing an electric toothbrush


Oral hygiene is crucial. Every dentist you will go to will tell you the same thing – that you have to take great care of your teeth. Toothbrushes are the first and most important tool to have, yet those classical manual toothbrushes started to become less popular in the past years, as many people decided to replace them with electric ones. Websites such as offer you detailed reviews on the most popular electric toothbrush choices on the market and below in this article you will find the main benefits that come with utilizing them instead of manual ones.

There is more cleaning power

One of the most important benefits that electric toothbrushes come with is that they provide higher amount of and more intense cleaning power. They are designed to deliver more than 40,000 movements per minute, compared to a classical manual toothbrush which only delivers up to 600 movements per minute. The electric version is a clear winner here, as it removes plaque faster and better, even in those difficult-to-reach areas, such as the gum line or back of molars.

There is no more “brushing too hard” issue

Many people complained that no matter how much they searched for, they just couldn’t find the right regular toothbrush for them. The bristles were either too soft or too hard, which hurt their gums and teeth. With electric toothbrushes, this is no longer an issue, as these tools will never brush too hard on your teeth for one very simple reason – it is not you who actually does the brushing, but the instrument. All you have to do is hold the brush and let the bristles do their work.

A lot easier to use

Many people suffer from physical conditions, such as limited mobility in their arms or hands, arthritis or manual dexterity problems and these can seriously affect their daily routine, including brushing the teeth. It gets extremely difficult for these people to control their manual toothbrush properly. This is when the electric version of these items comes in to save the day. Experts agree that electric toothbrushes are much easier to use and manipulate, due to their large handles and to the fact that they do the work for you.

Built-in timer

Brushing the teeth is a lot more complicated than many people would think. According to specialists, it is mandatory that you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes at a time, which means that you are supposed to spend at least 30 seconds in each of the four quadrants of the mouth. But who stays and counts every second when brushing their teeth after all? Know that electric tools come with some built-in timers that you can set and be notified when the right moment to stop is.

All things considered, these are some of the main benefits that come with electric toothbrushes. It is essential you do detailed research on the Internet and read some reliable reviews on the most popular products on the market before you make a purchase.

Have a healthy lifestyle with an air purifier – features to look for

All technological advances available nowadays on the market are meant to improve the life and health quality of individuals. Everyone wants to have a healthy environment to live in. When it comes to their own houses though, there are some things that need to be said and one of the most important ones is that indoor air quality can be seriously affected over time if not taken care of when needed. Investing in an air purifier is the best solution and more reviews on the most appreciated devices on the market can be read on websites such as Here are some important features these air purifiers come equipped with and why it is so important to have one installed in your house.

Activated carbon

One of the features these air purifiers come with is the activated carbon and its purpose is to neutralize bad odours and to trap various gases and chemicals wandering around in the air inside your house. It is usually combined with potassium iodide or zeolite and included in air purifier filters in order to improve the effectiveness on toxin removal.

Filter life indicator

Another great feature you should ensure your future air purifier comes equipped with is the filter life indicator. This digital display is placed on the device and is supposed to notify the user whenever it is time you replaced the filter with a new one. These indicators are usually based upon the manufacturer’s advised filter life. There are certain types of air purifiers, those higher ones, where the filter life indicator provides information on the filter capacity and actual usage. This feature is extremely important, because this way you will know for sure when the filter needs replacement, so that your device will not work in vain or spread away the pollutants it has gathered up until that point.

Shut-off timer

The shut-off timer is another essential feature to look for in an air purifier, because this will allow you to set up a specific schedule during which the device to do its job. This way, you do not have to worry that the purifier will work too much or too little. All you have to do is establish the specific time when you want the device to shut off.

All things considered, these are some of the most important features to look for in an air purifier. It is worth mentioning that over time, many myths have emerged on these devices, but you should not believe them at all. Having an air purifier does not mean you do not have to ever dust again, or that you do not have to throw open your windows every once in a while. On the contrary, in order for the product to be effective enough, it is mandatory that you continue to perform all housekeeping activities, such as dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and so on.

It is important to mention that there are many air purifiers available for sale, so it is advisable you read some detailed and reliable reviews on the most appreciated products to help you make a clearer idea on which one to purchase.  

Do Dental Implants feel natural?

Dental implants are the most durable alternative to natural teeth. Other dental replacement devices are fragile and difficult to accommodate with and wear. Truth is, dental implants can even last a lifetime, if properly maintained and when the supporting structure (jawbone) is appropriate and healthy to keep them for so long. But a question emerged quite so often, namely, “Do dental implants feel natural?” We did some research and in a Youtube video, we found plenty of information you might find useful. Continue reading below and find out the answer.

The sensation differs from the post-operatory interval to the post-healing interval

Although in the interval following the implant many claim that they sense pain on a level or another, this is completely natural, such sensations occurring after all interventions. However, during the healing period, the patient might still sense a slight painful reaction of the jawbone, but only if biting too forceful while eating. However, after the jawbone is healed completely, all patients claim that there is no difference from real teeth in terms of sensations. Worth noticing is the fact that with regular painkillers, the discomfort felt after the surgery is easy to manage and keep under normal parameters. However, if the discomfort one experiences is unmanageable, they should certainly get in touch with the specialist whom performed the implant and find an appropriate solution.

Will a dental implant affect the way you speak or eat?

At the beginning, it is normal to sense some differences from the previous situation. However, given the fact that most patients needing such implants already have difficulties while eating or speaking due to the lack of multiple teeth, the situation shouldn’t differ much. In time, after the patient gets used with the implants, they will begin to notice a great improvement from the point of view of both their speaking habits and eating habits as well. The improvement is oftentimes a big one, since the patients weren’t previously able to chew or articulate properly due to the lack of multiple teeth. The adaptation period to the new teeth is a fairly short one, bringing with it great advantages.

What is the general opinion on dental implants?

All patients who chose dental implants to other alternatives available in the industry claim that there is no difference in appearance or sensation when it comes to it. The unanimous opinion seems to be that they are the greatest option, after a while the implant integrating in the jawbone and imitating perfectly natural teeth. Moreover, in many cases, these implants can look even better than your natural teeth, the patient having the opportunity to choose the shade they desire, which in many cases is crisp white.

Make sure you find an appropriate clinic where to have your dental implant surgery performed. Look it up on the Internet, read some reviews on the clinic itself and its staff. Naturally, the general opinion should be a positive one, and all former patients should acclaim it for the procedure. 

Qualities to look for in a physical therapist


With the long list of benefits that physical therapy has to offer, more and more people have started resorting to it. If you wish to improve your physical wellbeing, and this form of therapy is the right solution for you, then you are probably looking for the best professional. When it comes to physical therapy Encinitas, you will manage to come across various clinics offering this kind of services, but not all of them make reliable choices. To be 100 percent certain that you are being helped by the right professional, here are the most important qualities to look for in a physical therapist.

Resilient and confident

Patients who opt for this form of therapy deal with different levels of pain or discomfort, which can lead to frustration and agitated behavior. A therapist should have the patience necessary to understand and deal with patients regardless of situation, so tolerance and confidence are essential traits in this domain. Stress and strong emotions are common in physical therapy, so the specialist should be resilient in order to avoid emotional incidents from affecting their own mental health, and thus set a positive example for their patients.  

Sociable and communicative

Because you will be spending quite some time around your physical therapist, it is necessary to choose someone who is sociable, someone who has great communication skills. You probably want to feel comfortable around the therapist during your sessions, so they should be able to interact with any person, regardless of age, gender, social background and so on. You can figure out if the person you want to resort to is friendly and cooperative enough from the first time you will talk to them. So do not overlook the importance of this aspect, because it can make a difference in the long run.

Certified and experienced

The first things to inform yourself about should be, of course, certification and experience. You should never resort to someone who does not have the license required to practice this job, because you will certainly not receive the level of therapy quality you desire. Make sure to research this aspect before contacting the specialist. Also, find out for how long they have been working in physical therapy. The difference between a pro and a novice is noticeable, so if you want to benefit from the best form of physical therapy, you need to choose someone with experience in this domain.

Physical therapy is extremely important in various situations. Regardless if you are recovering from a sports injury, are dealing with lower back or neck pain, or you are suffering from arthritis, physical therapy can do wonders for you, allowing you to enjoy a normal, pain-free life. However, in order for this form of therapy to truly be beneficial, you need to work with a good specialist. To find a therapist that will meet your needs and expectations, make sure to take into account the few guidelines stated above. Compare your options, and make a suitable choice.

Types of home fitness equipment that you need right now

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not liking when you see, when it comes to your body? It is time to start working out. Get rid of extra kilos and also keep fit and healthy by using the following tips which have already been applied by many people who have been in your shoes

First come first – transform your house into a small gym

In order to do that, you need space. In the majority of cases the fitness equipment is quite large. Not to mention that it is not comfortable at all to do your daily exercises in a tiny space because you can easily hurt yourself. But, in case you do not know what to do, you can use a part of your garage and transform it into a small home gym. Or you can get the attic organised as to make room for your new types of equipment. The same rule applies if you have an empty room or a basement.

Secondly – this is the most popular type of fitness equipment for working out from home


A spine bike. Why is it necessary? Well, according to specialists, you can burn on average 500 calories when you use this special type of equipment. A spine bike is also recommended for all your family members, including kids or grandparents. It can also improve your cardio health, by building up muscular endurance. And it is a user-friendly type of equipment. The only thing you will have to do is to put some music on, in order to make the whole experience even more pleasant. But how can you find a spine bike? It is easier that you imagine. You can buy the best spin bikes online. Just sit on your confortable armchair and check the promotions from the online shops.


A punching bag. Believe it or not, it is a solution for a full-body cardio workout. But, before investing in such accessory, make sure you have already checked its quality. If it is not good, you can hurt yourself. Also, try to read something about boxing techniques and  buy some special gloves for protecting your hands.


An elliptical machine. It is a perfect choice for those who suffer from back pain. Also, it is an excellent choice for home because it allows you to be a multitasking person. You can read or watch your favourite series while you exercise. This machine is also good for those who want to have good-looking legs and get rid of cellulite.


Adjustable dumbbells. As you probably know, they are the most versatile type of equipment for those who like working out for home. Their main advantage is that they do not occupy so much space. On the other hand, they can prove a real challenge for both men and women. However, these adjustable dumbbells are not good only for your arms, but also for your chest.


A massage machine. Have you tried a massage machine before? In case you have not, it is time to say “yes” to this miraculous device which will relax your tired muscles. We recommend investing in a foot massager first and use it after you finish your daily training.